Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Winner of the Poetry Championship Series

A few weeks ago I reported on the poetry contest that I started at work. I had 31 entries. If you want to see all of them click here. Overall, it was a great time.

I prepare a pretty intricate worksheet to try to simulate the BCS system. The spreadsheet is here. The spreadsheet is sorted from first to last.

Yesterday, at our regular monthly firm meeting, I awarded the first prize to a Ute . . . Unfortunately. Her name is Katy Steffey. Here is the winning poem:

Jan Jorgensen plays for the Y
He's one of their mouthier guys
He says they're the best
but we're unimpressed
We've seen how their quarterbacks cry!

The best part of giving the award was that I got to keep the Best of the '80s CDs. Like I said, all BYU fans are still living in the 80s.

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The Christensen Family said...

lol....cute. Living in the 80's was great.