Friday, February 13, 2009

Basketball . . . And . . . Watching . . .

The Conservative Man (apparently Mista Jimsta has now changed his name) and BBall Wizard are both playing on basketball teams this year. They both had games last night.

BBall Wizard still has NEVER lost a league basketball game IN HIS LIFE. He is an extremely good post player and is playing on a team with a lot of very good players. He hustles after every play and comes home with floor burns and bruises after almost every game. I love to watch his hustle and enthusiasm.

The Conservative Man's team is actually playing in two leagues. Because of his knee surgery and his broken foot last year, he wasn't able to play in one of the leagues because he wasn't registered with them at the beginning of league. He is however still going to those games and watching. The team played in the league he doesn't play in last night. He is an extremely good player. He has a high basketball IQ and can see things develop very quickly. I think he is an excellent point guard, but because he is so much taller than his team mates, he usually is now playing the post.

Here's some video

BBall Wizard's Game

Conservative Man Watching His Game

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