Friday, February 6, 2009

Obama's (sad) Presidency

Face it, it has been over hyped.

Predictions for Barrack Obama’s failed- (oh, I’m sorry it isn’t over yet) presidency.

One of these three will happen

1. We will be sold to the Russians as slaves.
2. Obama will change the United States of America into... Obamaland. We will become a communist nation.
3. Iraq and Iran will declare a war on us and we won't fight back because we don’t want to hurt the “misguided terrorists.”

I don't actually expect anything like this to happen, but it is almost realistic.


DSC said...

I find your commentary to be reflective of a conservative mentality that has been inbred or indoctrinated. Are you sure you can or want to say such things about somebody who has not even been the executive for one month?

Mista Jimsta said...

I only understood half of that dad

Holloway Family said...

LOL, ya'll are so funny!!